The Trail Hero event is a unique, once a year event that promises to bring a different twist year after year. We do this with several events within the Trail Hero brand. To us, new content is the name of the game, and it just happens to be what you as a Media Outlet is looking for. Our promise to you is to help you find that content so that you can continuously give your audience a unique look into our efforts, without displaying the same story another outlet may be covering. With this in mind, we ask that you communicate your intentions, and we’ll do our best to make sure you have the sole storyline. Furthermore, We can help get you around the event so that you get that great shot, story, or even outtake that you may have missed otherwise.

If you’re looking for action, we know where that will be. If you are looking for personalities, we know who you need to cover. If you’re looking for a great story, let us help you find it. Some of our event’s storylines are listed below.

Special Needs Trail Ride: Giving back to the community is essential to our passion. The adventure of a lifetime awaits the locals as we take those less fortunate outdoors so that all can appreciate mother nature’s glory. It just so happens that we’re going have a great time, see great things, and experience fun on a totally new level. Hosted by the St. George Jeepers and Catered by the Desert Roads and Trail Society, This will start at noon on Wednesday October 5th at the Hurricane Recreational Center and then go out on the "East Rim Trail" for roughly 4 hours. A link to the page here:

Veteran and Active Duty Trail Rides: We’ll never be able to thank them for their sacrifice, but at least we can get outdoors and explore the land they fought for. With the help of Wheelers for the Wounded, veterans will be on the trail and able to enjoy everything they worked so hard for. Those that have their own Rig can wheel for free, just a small thank you from us. This is hosted by Trail Hero and begins Thursday at 9:30am with the Voyeur Trail Staging out of this address: S 100 W, Hurricane, Utah 84737 you can find out more about this event here:

Trail Breaker Challenge: The World’s Top 10 drivers will attempt to break a trail that is all but unbreakable. Full of 25 foot waterfalls slammed into a tight slot canyon, this is free to spectators to enjoy the craziness of our sport. The location is TOP Secret until the day before the event so no-one can make any attempts to run the trail prior to the event. There will be signs leading from Vendor Row to the site starting Wednesday, October 5th. People can access this location with a stock 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle, you can find out more info here:

Bounty Obstacle: Open to the public, both Recreational Wheelers and Top Pros alike get an opportunity to win $2000 for the first full ascent. Participants only get 10 minutes a shot and have to pay $10 per 10 minutes. Every entry fee goes to a fundraiser for Utah Public Lands Alliance, who is fighting to help keep Sand Hollow and other places open to the public.  People can access this location with a stock 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle, you can find dates and times here:

Trail Rides: With over 450 expected entrants, up to 28 trails a day, and over 83 trails throughout the week, the recreational part of this event could be a blast as hobbyist from all walks of life come together to challenge themselves and their vehicles to the ultimate test. Trails range from our Tuweep Trail that takes participants to the edge of the Grand Canyon in a stock 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle, to some of the most hardcore trails in the United States. Find out more info here:  People can access this location with a stock 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle

Invitational Rock Crawl: With commitments coming in from the sports top drivers, as well as talented drivers around the world, this Night Event will pack the excitement of a weekend rock crawl into one night, with the top three splitting $8,000 and first place taking $5000 of it. We currently have drivers from Canada, Japan, Australia, and of course the U.S. Find out more info about the event here:

Lasernut Rock Race: Rock Racing’s past Kings will be on sight to fight for the win. Vehicles capable of reaching speeds of well over 100 MPH, and with budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the sights and sounds of this race will echo in race fan’s hearts. 20 vehicle racing on the track at one time will et the blood to boil for any motorhead. This starts at noon on Saturday, October 8th across the street from the Vendor Show. More info here:

Rock Sports Gala:
 Rock Sports first Red Carpet Affair. The first of it's kind, high end, upscale rock sports industry event will showcase a "State of the Union" address from each of the top promoters, with industry awards and product unveilings all at the 5 Star Sand Hollow Resort on the greens of their world class golf course. More info Here:

UTV Trail Rides:
We will ride the hills of Sand Hollow and trails of Southern Utah to search for the coolest and fastest experience out there. With an expected 80 entrants, this is sure to be a fun combination to the 4 Wheel Drive Industry. More info here:

This isn’t all of our storylines, so if you are interested or have an Idea, let us know.