Special Needs Access

Giving up a passenger seat to someone that would never get the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in this fashion is the goal here. For those that wish to participate, we ask that you supply one front seat in your vehicle on a designated trail to one of our individuals with a mental or physical disability. Most of these people will have never been afforded the opportunity to experience the outdoors, something we all take for granted. This is our way of opening the door for those less fortunate and making the experience of a lifetime available to all.

If you  or if you know someone that would like to ride with us on the trails, please contact us at Info@TheTrailHero.com 

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Thursday, Oct. 5th @ 2pm
Wednesday, Oct. 4th @ 2PM
Oct. 5th-7th, 7pm-11:30
Friday, Oct. 6th @ 2pm
Saturday, Oct. 7th @ 10am
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