Q. Can we drive more trails after our initial trails are done?

A. YES! We have evening and night guided trails as well, or you can experience the trail system on your own accord without a guide for no additional charge. The Evening and Night Guided Trail Rides can be found here: https://trailhero.ticketspice.com/trail-hero-trails

Q. What is there to do after the trails are done?

A. Every day at 2pm is a free motorsports event to spectate at or take part of. At 7pm every day is our evening events that consist of Drive in Movies, Music Festival, or Private Events. The entire schedule of events can be found here: https://www.thetrailhero.com/2023_schedule

Motorsports can be found here:
Tuesday: Trail Breaker LCQ - https://www.thetrailhero.com/tuff_country_challenge
Wendesday: SXS Shootout Race -
Thursday: Trail Breaker - https://www.thetrailhero.com/bfgoodrich_trail_breaker_challenge
Friday: Rock Crawl - https://www.thetrailhero.com/pro_rock_crawling_competition
             YouTuber 5000 -
Saturday: Sand Drags - https://www.thetrailhero.com/sand_outlaws_drag_race_series

Q. What is Trail Hero?

Answer: Trail Hero is a 5-day off-road event held annually in Southern Utah, USA. The event includes guided trail rides, vendor exhibitions, contests, and social events.

2. When is Trail Hero?
Answer: Trail Hero is typically held in early October each year, generally the first full weekend of October.

3. Where is Trail Hero held?
Answer: Trail Hero is held in various locations throughout Southern Utah, with the main event hub located in the city of Hurricane at Sand Hollow State Park.

4. How do I register for Trail Hero?
Answer: You can register for Trail Hero on the event's website, which typically opens for registration on May 1st, leading up to the event.

5. What types of vehicles are allowed at Trail Hero?
Answer: Trail Hero is open to a wide variety of off-road vehicles, including Jeeps, trucks, buggies, and UTVs.

6. Do I need to have a modified vehicle to participate in Trail Hero?
Answer: No, you do not need a modified vehicle to participate in Trail Hero. There are trail rides available for all skill levels, and some are suitable for stock vehicles. Ratings include a scale from 2-14 with 2 being easy for a Stock 4wd and 15 being the hardest trail.

7. What types of trail rides are available at Trail Hero?
Answer: Trail Hero offers a variety of trail rides, ranging from scenic drives to challenging rock crawling. Ratings include a scale from 2-14 with 2 being easy for a Stock 4wd and 15 being the hardest trail.

8. Do I need to bring my own food and camping gear?
Answer: Yes, participants are responsible for their own food and camping gear. There are camping options available on-site, as well as nearby hotels and restaurants. Food Vendors are also available on site as well.

9. Are there any age restrictions for Trail Hero?
Answer: Participants must be at least 18 years old to drive, or 16 years old if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Kids 12 and Under are free.

10. Is Trail Hero family-friendly?
Answer: Yes, Trail Hero is a family-friendly event, with activities and trail rides suitable for all ages.

11. What safety precautions are in place at Trail Hero?
Answer: Trail Hero has a comprehensive safety plan, which includes trained guides on all trail rides, emergency response teams, safety briefings before each ride, a dedicated recovery crew and more.

12. Can I bring my pets to Trail Hero?
Answer: Yes, pets are allowed at Trail Hero, but they must be leashed at all times. Pets are not allowed in the Music Festival Attendee Areas like General Admission, VIP and Platinum VIP, however they are allowed in the “Tailgate Area”

13. What should I bring with me to Trail Hero?
Answer: Participants should bring appropriate clothing for the weather, camping gear, food and water, any necessary vehicle equipment/spare parts, and be prepared to have a good time!

14. Is there an alcohol policy at Trail Hero?
Answer: Yes, alcohol is allowed at Trail Hero, but only in designated areas and only for those over the age of 21. There is no alcohol sales on site.

15. Can I purchase event merchandise at Trail Hero?
Answer: Yes, event merchandise is available for purchase on-site at every event, as well as the Kick Off Party, and if we sell out, there will be online orders taken with shipping sent out within 4-6 weeks from the event.

16. What is the cancellation policy for Trail Hero?
Answer: The cancellation policy for Trail Hero varies depending on the time of cancellation and if you have purchased “Purchase Protection” with your order.

17. Are there any discounts available for Trail Hero?
Answer: Yes, discounts may be available for military personnel, people with special needs, first responders, and early registration. Check the event website for details.

18. What happens if my vehicle breaks down on a trail ride?
Answer: Trained guides and support vehicles are available to assist participants who experience mechanical issues on the trail.

19. Can I bring my own trail guide to Trail Hero?
Answer: No, all trail rides must be led by trained guides provided by the event. You can however drive on trails that are not being guided, or after trails are done being guided.

20. How can I contact Trail Hero for more information?
Answer: You can contact Trail Hero through their website or social media pages.

21. What are some safety tips for off-road driving at the Trail Hero event?

Answer: Some safety tips for off-road driving at the Trail Hero event include:

  • Always wear a seatbelt and make sure all passengers do the same.
  • Stay on designated trails and avoid damaging vegetation.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and potential hazards.
  • Carry a first aid kit and emergency supplies in your vehicle.
  • Follow the instructions of trained guides and instructors.
  • Drive at a safe and appropriate speed for the terrain and conditions


22. Do I need to have off-road driving experience to participate in the Trail Hero event?
Answer: No, the Trail Hero event offers training courses and guided trail rides for all levels of off-road driving experience, from beginner to advanced. However, it's important to note that certain trails may require more advanced driving skills, and participants should choose trails that match their level of experience and comfort.

23. I have a SXS/UTV, can I join Jeep trails or do I need to stay on Side by Side and UTV trails only?
Answer: You can reserve and run any trail you would like. Jeeps cannot sign up for SXS Trails, but SXS can join Jeep Trails. Please note that the jeeps trails have a slower pace. If you would like to join Jeep trails, please follow this link: https://trailhero.ticketspice.com/trail-hero-trails

24. Can Jeeps join SXS/UTV Trails?
Answer: No, Jeeps move at a slower speed than SXS and we like to ensure our SXS/UTV’s are able to keep their faster pace. You may however see a SXS on a Jeep trail, and this is ok as long as they understand the slower pace of the group.

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