Become A Hero

A Trail Hero is someone that puts the collective movement before themselves. Selfless, these heroes give back to the community, donate time and/or money to the cause, and participate above and beyond that of industry standards. When you Become a Hero you get a Custom Machined Aluminum Trail Hero Brand to adhere to each side of your vehicle to prominently display your commitment to the Trails. There are 6 opportunities to "Become a Hero" and they are all based on getting people more access to Motorized Outdoor Recreation.

Each trail ride is catered and unique in design. Below are some of the way you can help.

Special Needs Access Days:
Giving up a passenger seat to someone that would never get the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in this fashion is the goal here. We want to provide people with Mental and/or Physical Disabilities the ability to enjoy the great outdoors with Motorized Access. With this in mind, if you are, or know of, a person with special needs please feel free to reach out to use. This opportunity comes at NO COST to the riders or drivers of the trail ride and people with special needs do not need a vehicle in order to participate. We simply want to reach out and give you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with us. So please take a look above at our 2017 Schedule. If you are interested, we have a Limit of 20 vehicles to participate at each event. This opportunity is available to those that reach out to us for each location, and we still have spots available.

Veterans Access Days:
We also hold Meet and Greets and trail rides for Veterans. There are many ways to thank you for your sacrifice, this one is based on giving you the ability to enjoy the outdoors with us. So please reach out and let us take your for an awesome ride with many fellow vets. Our goal here is to take you places that participants can't necessarily hike/walk/or ride a horse to. We want to show you a unique experience, show you how great it is to have motorized access, and most importantly, show you our immense gratitude for everything you have done for the United States and others abroad. 

Companies Interested in Helping/Attending:
As a company, if you are interested, please contact us and we will give you particulars in how you can help bring joy to our participants. We could use help gathering supplies, funds, and participants for this unique experience. With your help we can do great things for those less fortunate

Donating money to Land Use helps our effort pay for lawyers, expenses, etc for keeping these trails open. As the fight gets more fierce, it also gets more expensive. Please follow this link if you are interested in donating to our local Land Use Groups:

2017 Schedule:

April 15th: Hero For a Day: Special Needs Access in Moab, Utah was a total success! Check out our great video from our travels, the smiles and people are what made it an awesome time. Thank you to all who was involved in creating motorized access to those that need it to experience the outdoors.

May 27th: This Veterans Access Trail Ride was held at Sand Hollow in Hurricane, Utah. We enjoyed Breakfast with at Zion Harley Davidson, then hit West Rim trail that winds long the Warner Valley cliff edge. Amazing views and fun wheeling. This trail is rated a 4 with optional obstacles that can increase from 6-10 in difficulty. After the trail ride was over, we ate lunch on the cliffs and returned to our vehicles. This trail ride was fully catered. Meeting Location: Zion Harley Davidson, 2345 N Coral Canyon Blvd, Washington, UT 84780

July 1st: This Special Needs Access Trail Ride is located in the Salt Lake City area and we will be riding in American Fork on the Mary Ellen Trail. The Trail will have full catering and an amazing ride to the summit of the Wasatch Front. Lunch will be along the way and overlooking the vast views from atop the mountains. This trip is open to 20 vehicles and 20 participants, please contact us if you wish to participate. Meeting Location: American Fork Canyon

July 27-30: The Veterans Access Meet and Greet on the Rubicon Trail during Jeepers Jamboree. We will set up a fun camp for Vets to stop by and have a good time. Gift packages available to all Vets as a special "Thank You" for your sacrfice. We will be located at the Rope Swing and Pond on Friday July 28th. This is inconjunction with the Wheelers for the Wounded of CA which we support whole heartedly. Meeting Location: Rope Swing/Pond at Rubicon Springs Friday July 28th. 

If you want to learn more about Becoming a Hero please Contact Us for more information.