BFGoodrich Trail Breaker Challenge

The teams that complete the trail are surely the top drivers in the world. The amout of skill it takes to complete the trail takes extensive knowledge on how to push their vehicles to the extreme and beyond. This is no trail for the faint of heart as it forces drivers to take immense risks that could have ended that driver's vehicle. It isn't a matter of being able to wheel the rest of the weekend, but more like the vehicle would have to be scraped and dismembered to get them out of certain obstacles.

Take the top 10 drivers in the world and present them with a trail that is so difficult that it has never been conquered. This insane new competitive format will invite only the best drivers in the game, and feature an exclusive look into what it takes for top drivers to defeat the impossible. This feature has quickly developed into an exciting venue for everyone from the most extreme and hardcore enthusiasts to the average weekend wheeler warriors to watch the most daring drivers in the sport.

This new outlook in the sport allows for no judges, cones, penalties, or spotters, and allows for the terrain to be the determining factor on the difficulty. Boundaries will be set for spectator safety and a given time limit for each obstacle will be displayed. Drivers must defeat the obstacle within time to receive their score (Obstacle score based on difficulty), the driver with the most points will win, with the tie breaker being cumulative time throughout the entire course. 

The twist to this new sport? Drivers will not be able to watch each others attempts. With every vehicle, driver and style being different, this is sure to add to the excitement.

The Tuff Country LCQ for the Trail Breaker will be held Tuesday October 1st at 2pm at an undisclosed location. This feature will be held Thursday, October 3rd in an undisclosed location... Location will be released the day before the event for drivers to walk and put together a game plan.  

Qualified Drivers in the main event on October 3rd.
In the mean time, let's meet the drivers invited to the battle it out.

#1 - Jeff McKinlay (Auto Invite to the next Trail Breaker due to 1st place finish in 2016 and 2019)

Jeff McKinlay completed the entire course with the fewest errors resulting in the quickest time. Local to Rigby, Idaho; Jeff has been living “off-road” for well over 25 years whether it be in a Rock Crawler, on a Motorcycle, or a Snowmobile. McKinlay has also broke open new trails at the Hammers, Moab, Sand Hollow, Arizona, and Idaho. Driving a new JHF buggy, McKinlay may not have the notoriety that some of the other drivers do, but he definitively has the experience on some of the hardest trails in the country.  Jeff rightfully was granted the ability to name the trail that he won the first Trail Breaker event on. IRON MAN is now the name of the toughest trail at Sand Hollow. Jeff's trail was named "Iron Man" in 2016 and "RedDot" in 2019.

#2 - Steve Nantz (Auto Invite to the next Trail Breaker due to 1st place finish in 2018 and Moab 2018)

Steve Nantz has won two Fab Fours Trail Breakers, one in Moab, the other at Trail Hero 2018. Dubbing the trail "Skyscrapper", Steve came away with the quickest time through the obstacles. Living local to Sand Hollow and Hurricane, Utah, Steve gets a chance to drive on the sand stone that the Trail Breaker consists of every day he goes wheeling... Knowing how the traction plays out definitely helps Steve calculate how he attacks the rocks. Additionally, Steve owns Sand Hollow Off-Road, so if things go wrong, he has a full farication shop at his disposal to help get him or other teams back on the trail. Steve's trail was named "Disturbed" in Moab 2018 and "SkyScrapper" in 2018.

#3 - Jesse Haines (Auto Invite to the next Trail Breaker due to 1st place finish in 2017)

Jesse Haines is known for engineering some of the most capable rock crawlers in the history of the sport, and WINNING. With his win at the 2017 Trail Breaker and 2023 Trail Breaker, Jesse Haines is able to have a perminant spot at this historic event. Most say even though he missed the 2018 match, he is one of the odds on favorites for standing on top of the mountain in first place. Jesse's trails are named "Fail Breaker" and "CandyLand"

#4 - Cody Waggoner (Auto Invite from taking 1st place at Trail Breaker Japan 2019)

Cody waggoner, may be about the most polished Trail Breaker in the bunch with a supremely prepped vehicle, all the high end parts, and all the talent in the world. Cody has literally been Top 3 in EVERY one of the three Trail Breakers he has entered. That is consistancy, taking thir only once in that span. 2019 could in fact be Cody's year to take home his first 1st place in this famed event. He and the Lasernut crew have put in the winning effort, but will it translate to the win he has worked so hard for? Cody's trail was named "Hi-Yah"

#5 - Kalif Redden (Auto Invite from taking 1st place at Trail Breaker 2020 and 2021)
Kalif came onto the scene as a hard core trail rider and someone who was relatively unknown. He has tried his hand at a couple rock crawling events but after the win in 2020, everyone now knows he is a real threat at being a top dog in the most difficult motorsport in the world. Can he pull off another win and show the legends of the sport that there is new blood coming to take away the top honors consistantly? Kalif's trails were named "Slip 'n Slide" in 2020 and "Cowboy" in 2021.

#6 - Dave Wong (Auto Invite from taking 1st place at Trail Breaker 2022)
Dave wong won possibly the toughest Trail Breaker to date AND happened to be the ONLY driver to finish! He has won Rock Crawling events all over the nation and pulled his first big win at Trail Breaker in 2022. Now, looking as a real contender, the other drivers will be surely on the look out for Dave going into the future! Dave's trail was named "Wong Way"

#7 - Craig Allen (Auto Invite from taking 1st place at Trail Breaker Japan 2023)
Craig Allen got his invite after traveling to Japan in 2023 to win the 2nd International Trail Breaker event at Trail Hero Japan. Against a tough field and over insane courses, Craig laid down an incredibly fast time, only to win by a mere 7 seconds. Look for Craig to take the top spot as your most recent Trail Breaker champion.

#8 - #12 will be determined at Trail Hero during a special Tuff Country Challenge (Trail Breaker Qualifier) on Tuesday, October 1st at 2pm, at Sand Hollow State Park. The exact location will be determined the week prior to the Trail Hero event and the location will be available on the Trail Hero App. If no one finishes the LCQ, no else gets added to the list. We are reserving 12 spots to compete in the Tuff Country Challenge, if you want to play on the hardest trails in the country, hit up Rich Klein for more info.