Title Run Date Trail Difficulty Trail Rating Price
SandThraxx more

Easily known as one of the first of Sand Hollow's Toughest Trails, the challenge is often not even featured in other events due to it's extreme nature. This is where the big boys come to play. This trail should only be attempted by highly skilled drivers with something to prove to themselves or their buddies. Bring your camera's because you are sure to get some good footage. Be expected to roll and/or break. Sandthrax is gnarly.


Towards east rim you drop into the canyon of Sandtrax. Look for wildlife in the area, or a cow or two that are grazing just below Molly’s Nipple.


Sand and sandstone obstacles that are cute, adorable, and flat out going to eat you for lunch if you don’t put your tires in the right lines.  Be prepared for rock rash, you’re going to get up close and personal with Sand Mountain.

Trail Details

The trail departs the fence line at the “green gate” and travels south toward East Rim. Take a left at the cattle guard and drop into the wash where you start SandThax.  There is a trail above SandThrax for those not wanting to push their limits on the trail.

Date: Saturday, October 8th 
Time: 9:30 AM Staging, Departure at 10 AM
Staging Location: Sand Hollow Beach (Vehicle Passes MUST be obtained at Registration FIRST, You will be charged for entering the park without a pass)
Trail: Sandthrax

Rated: 10

Sat Oct. 8th, 2022 Buggy 10 $50.00
14 slots available
War Machine more

::: War Machine :::

Buggy Territory never has been so fun! This new trail has many difficult spots that could be made easier with Rear Steer, but has been done in several drag axles. Featuring Keilman’s Crack, The Minefield, and more; this trail starts near Iron Man and ends near Joint Effort.


Ha! Is that what we are doing? Looking at scenery?! It’s there but not as cool as these new obstacles!


A mixture of sand, rocks, slickrock climbs, boulders, cracks, and huge holes.

Trail Details

War Machine is rated 10, but could easily have some spots that are more 11 rated. Better to have a winch, minimum of 39’s, and the expectation that body damage is likely. A fun trail that will take every bit of 4 hours with a good group if every obstacle is done.

Date: Friday, October 7th 
Time: 9:30 AM Staging/Breakfast, Departure at 10 AM
Staging Location: Sand Hollow Beach (Vehicle Passes MUST be obtained at Registration FIRST, You will be charged for entering the park without a pass)
Trail: War Machine

Fri Oct. 7th, 2022 Buggy 10 $50.00
14 slots available
1-Hardcore Pass more

Do you want to support the event, hit some great trails with your buddies, win some cool stuff, get a sweet discount, but not have to go on a guided trail ride? The Hardcore Pass is the ticket for you as you will get a Buggy Bag (For Trash), a give-a-way ticket for a set of four BFG Tires of your liking (Yes, Including the 42" red label Krawler) OR WARN Winch, 20% off a 5 day pass, and a map of all the newest locals trails on the mountain fully unlocked for you and your buddies to attack without the need for a guide. The Map is an exclusive Buggy Map with every 8 rated trail and higher, including 10 new trails never released to the public before. The only way you would know of "some" of these trails is having been guided by a local previously. Instead of paying $50 a day for 5 days, this pass costs $200 for all 5 days. The trail list includes:
New Trails:
Betty White (Rated 9)
Devils Caldren (Rated 10)
Smurfette (Rated 8)
Twister (Rated 9)
Sanitarium (Rated 8)
Landslide (Rated 8)
Psycho (Rated 13)
Triple Threat (Rated 8)
No Remorse (Rated 11)
SlipNSlide (Rated 14) - Trail Breaker

Trail Breaker Courses (In order of debut):
Iron Man (Rated 13)
Fail Breaker (Rated 15)
SkyScraper (Rated 15)
Red Dot Trail Breaker (Rated 14)
Cowboy (Rated 15)

Other Trails Included:
The Maze (Rated 8)
TNT (Rated 9)
Arrowhead (Rated 10)
Joint Effort (Rated 9)
Chain Reaction (Rated 9)
Broken Chain (Rated 11)
Rollercoaster (Rated 9)
Fawlty Towers (Rated 8)
Front Range (Rated 8)
The Fallen (Rated 9)
DeKleined (Rated 10)
SandThraxx (Rated 11)
Chutes and Ladders (Rated 9)
Unforgiven (Rated 8)
Queen's Court (Rated 8)
War Machine (Rated 10-11)
SuperSmash Brother's (Rated 14)
Masterlink (Rated 12)
Broken Arrow (Rated 13)
The Ex Wife (Rated 13)
Side Chick (Rated 12)
Shotgun (Rated 13)

The only way you can get into the give-a-way for the BFGoodrich Tires and WARN Winch is by buying a Hardcore pass. We are limiting the first series of Hardcore Passes to only 200 for the first year. Get yours today and explore the mountain like never before.

Tues. Oct. 4th, 2022 Buggy 10 $200.00
Unlimited slots available
Arrowhead Canyon more

This is buggy territory!  The trail earns its rating with climbs up to the top of deep slot canyons with tires spanning both walls.  One slip here, and you will find yourself wedged with the cage on one wall and the tires against the other.  After a short drive on the sandy road along the Sand Hollow State Park, the wash to the south takes you up to bottom of the canyon, where the fun begins. The trail really doesn't go up the bottom of the canyon that much, it goes OVER the bottom of the canyon as you climb up above on the sidewalls.    


Beautiful views of Sand Hollow, Zion Park, Hurricane Cliffs, and Pine Valley Mountains.  Lots of incredible scenery within inches of your buggy!


Sandstone (slickrock) slot canyons and waterfalls.  Huge ledges and some sandy sections.  Lots of max off-camber slickrock.  

Trail Details

Steep and deep slot canyons with varying widths and very difficult transitions.

Date: Tuesday, October 4th
Time: 9:30 AM Staging, Departure at 10 AM
Location: Sand Hollow – Beach (Vehicle Passes MUST be obtained at Registration FIRST, You will be charged for entering the park without a pass)
Trail: Arrowhead Canyon

Rated 10

Tues. Oct. 4th, 2022 Buggy 10 $50.00
15 slots available
Broken Chain more

This trail crosses Chain Reaction and directs drivers straight to full buggy territory.  Very skilled drivers in heavily fortified buggies have succeeded. With this being a NEW and difficult trail, we suggest that this is among the same type of difficulty as Arrowhead, but not as difficult as DeKleined. There are side obstacles that can make it more difficult than all over trails though... if you wanted to push it.  Many rigs have had big fails here.  This trail begins and ends at the bottom of the rock formations just to the south of Sand Hollow State Park.   


Pause to take in views of Sand Hollow Reservoir immediately to the south with Zion Park in the distance.  The usually snow-capped Pine Valley Mountains are to the west, and Hurricane Cliffs are to the east. 


Slickrock canyons, wedges, and ledges.  Some sand hills.

Trail Details

Broken Chain begins in a sandy wash by Sand Hollow Reservoir and detours to the right out of Chain Reaction near the end of lower Chain. The first obstacle is a series of very difficult and tight obstacles that doesn't have any room between them for a break. Once cleared through the first 100 feet, you scale a huge crack and must navigate left across the crack and into another chute. The top of the chute is a good break area with flat parking that spectators can easily access. From there you drive to the hot tubs which is a series of basins formed by wind and water. This is where most rolls and breaks occur. Every bit of this trail is technical and fun. Stick the line and you're a hero, miss it... Well, you'll find out ;)

Date: Wednesday, October 5th 
Time: 9:30 AM Staging, Departure at 10 AM
Staging Location:  Sand Hollow Beach (Vehicle Passes MUST be obtained at Registration FIRST, You will be charged for entering the park without a pass)
Trail: Broken Chain
Rated: 10

Wed. Oct 5th, 2022 Buggy 10 $50.00
15 slots available
DeKleined more

The name comes from a noted buggy driver who, when he was introduced to this new trail, was declined on his first attempt.  Apparently, this is not usual, as he has lead trips on some of the most hardcore trails the southwest has to offer.  So, to poke a little fun at him, we named the trail after him... kinda!  Needless to say, this is the most difficult of the difficult.  Come prepared to be "DeKleined" by this trail.

KrawlZone TV's Quick Clip of the DeKleined Trail


DeKleined is on the east hills above Sand Hollow Reservoir.  Great views of the reservoir and the red sand surrounding it.  To the southwest there are views of the many rock formations that hold most of the buggy trails run by Sand Hollow.  Behind the reservoir, you see the snow-packed peaks of Kolob and Pine Valley mountains.


Two-track sandy road from the Sand Hollow State Park to the trailhead.  Trail is mostly slickrock, with some sandy areas.  Return from the trail is via the same two-track. 

Trail Details

DeKleined has many of the most difficult climbs and off camber in not only our area, but anywhere!  Be prepared for tip-overs and breakage.  

Date: Thursday, October 6th 
Time: 9:30 AM Staging, Departure at 10 AM
Staging Location: Sand Hollow Beach (Vehicle Passes MUST be obtained at Registration FIRST, You will be charged for entering the park without a pass)
Trail: DeKleined
Rated: 10

Thurs. Oct. 6th, 2022 Buggy 10 $50.00
15 slots available

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