Trail Rating System

While Sand Hollow may be known for tough trails and hardcore buggy obstacles, Southern Utah and Sand Hollow also have lighter trails built for stock Jeeps and Trucks, Slightly Modified vehicles, as well as heavily modified vehicles. Southern Utah (Washington County) has over 215 trails that reach out to the furthest possible locations, but in the end, we have something for everyone. Our favorite trails are featured during the Trail Hero event as guided Trail Rides. With this in mind, we have catagorized the trails into 4 types and labeled them with vehicle types and Modifications.

Mild Trails:
Can be accomplished with completely stock 4wd vehicles likes Jeeps, Toyota's, and trucks. SUV's with larger tires and minor lift can also make these trails. Our Mild Trail selection starts out at the rating of a 1 and reaches as high as 3. Generally speaking the trail rating is based off vehicles that are stock (1) and go to a Small Lift or off-road package, 29″-31″ Tires, No Lockers Needed (3). These trails generally don’t offer the ability to incur body damage and require relatively low experience needed. A fun casual off-road drive would best describe the level of rating. These Trail Names Are: Toquerville Falls (2), Toquerville Overnight (2), West Rim Lite (2), Fury Rode (2), Dinosaur Tracks (3), East Rim Trail (3), Milt's Mile Lite (3), and the Honeymoon Trail (3). 

Moderate Trails:
Slightly modified vehicles with larger tires, Moderate Trails have a ranking from 4-6 and are generally for vehicles with 33″-35″ tires, limited slip or one locker in their differentials, both front and rear locked preferred. Vehicles should be equipped with a hard top and/or roll cage and a winch if possible. Trails start to get difficult and test the driver and spotter’s skill in navigation. This is a good start to get familiar with the vehicles dimensions as well as to start tapping into the vehicle and drivers capability to work with each other. These Trail Names are: Babylon (4), Milt's Mile Lite (4), "Nephi Twist" (5), Plan B (6), Milt's Mile (6), and Slip Lock Gulch (6), West Rim (6).

Difficult Trails
Difficult rated trails generally have more demanding terrain and therefore require better equipment to conquer the terrain more effortlessly. Vehicles need to have lockers front and rear, tires ranging from 37-40 with very skilled drivers able to finish easier trails with 35″ tires. Difficulty Ratings are roughly 7-8. Body damage may occur and vehicles should be outfitted with Body protection, Hydrolic assist steering, beadlock wheels, Winch, safety gear, and recovery equipment. Properly built Roll Cages Mandatory. These Trail Names are: Double Sammi (7), John's Trail (7), Mind Threat (7), Plan B NIght Run (7),  "Triple 7's" (7), RazorBack (7), Faulty Towers (8), Front Range (8), and the famed The Maze (8). 

Buggy Trails
Buggy Trails are the most difficult trails that Trail Hero will offer during the week. These trails are for highly skilled drivers looking for extremely challenging terrain. Roll overs and broken parts can be expected so participants will need all the proper safety gear as well as have the expectation that body damage is immanent.  Lockers, Hydro Assist to full hydro, beadlocks, heavy duty axles, 37″ and up size tires, winch with recovery gear, are mandatory, while a 5 point harness should be highly considered. Use of helmets is also high advised. The completion of these trails will test both drivers and equipment to their limits, sometimes leaving both bruised and vehicles broken. These Trail Names are: Chain Reaction (9), Joint Effort (9), TNT (9), Roller Coaster (9), Nasty Half (9), Chutes and Ladders (9), Four-G (10), Arrowhead (10), DeKleined (10), Sandthrax (10), Broken Chain(12).

With a Guided Trail Ride, Trail Hero offers, spotting if wanted/needed, recovery back to the trailer, a Catered Dinner Saturday Evening, and a heck of an adventure. We would love for you to join us. Find out the Event Details 

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