Trail Hero Education & Seminars

Trail Hero Education is a series of classes and lectures to help attendees of Trail Hero learn new and exciting ways to offroad safely and responsibly. Classes are $10 each include a swag bag (if you are registered) and some will contain exclusive merchandise sales at the end of the class. Elevate your off road experience and come learn from the best in the business.  
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Off Road recovery and winching: techniques Master class, Independent class covering how to safely recover stuck vehicles using ropes, winches,snatch blocks, traction boards, and more. Covering entry level requirements and set ups to advance your skills.
Welding:  class covering entry level basics to advanved trail repair techniques on how to weld properly and safely. Attendees will learn off road welder set up, different types of materials and consumables, and how to properly use protective gear. 
Communications: Attendees will learn about different types of Radios such as HAMB radio, CB, GMRS and more. Class will cover requirements, licensing, how to program custom channels, communications etiquette and more. Come find out what comunications will work best for your offroading experience.
Navigation: This class will cover topics such GPS, topographical maps, compass and emergency navigation. Feel prepared and confident to be able to navigate your way out of any situation.
Mental health: Come learn how to assess and proceed if you or someone you come in contact with experiences a mental health crisis. Also learn some ways to keep your mental health in good shape. 
First aid: our teacher will cover basic first aid techniques to help anyone feel confident with a lower level injury.