Sand Hollow Resort Bonfire and Live Music

Right across the street from the trails is the amazing 5 star, 18 hole golf resort of Sand Hollow Resort. Trail Hero and all of our participants, locals, and anyone else that would like to hang out... can enjoy Live Music and a HUGE Bonfire complements of the resort. Drive with your buggy/rig/jeep/toyota/what-ever-you-drive without getting hasseled by law enforcement and enjoy the evening festivities. BTW (By The Way), we will be conducting the awards ceremony for the All-Pro Trail Breaker at this event. Top drivers from the toughest trail in the world will be receiving their trophies and accolades while huddled around a good fire with friends. Come out as it is free, food and beer will be provided at an extra cost... or bring your own. 
This Event starts at 6pm  on Friday October 5th and is located at Sand Hollow Resort