Daily Tours Outside the Trail Hero Event

We are teaming up with Southern Xpedition Tours (SXT) to provide year round trail guiding tours in Southern Utah. The staff has over 60 years of experience in rock crawling, off-road racing, and trail riding; providing our fellow heroes with a great way to get out and enjoy the country. They have several specialties and can help provide the following:

Expedition Tours: Consisting of Mutliple Day and Overnight Trips, our guides can take you all off-road to the edge of the Grand Canyon so you can sleep under the stars with no amenities or take you into the Utah Back Country to experience the wild. Trails offered depends solely on your vehicle type and skill level. Price is based on catered Dinners each night purchased for 2 people. Price: $300 per vehicle, per day. Group Rates Available Upon Request.

Extreme Buggy Trail Tours: Wheel the some of the hardest terrain in the country with your own rig. Southern Utah is home to the famed "Trail Breaker" as well as trails that will rival any location in difficulty. Wheel with our experts as we show you the lines through the toughest of terrain AND make sure you get back to camp. Price based per vehicle and does not include room or board or vehicle repairs. Price: $50 per day, 3 vehicle minimum, 6 hours total. Full Packages including Room and Board are available, call for more details.

Driving Classes: We will train you how to drive and get comfortable with your vehicle at any level desired for the people that are completely new to the off-road world, all the way to the expert buggy trails. Classes also include Recovery 101 clinic, a full day of trails and activities, and Dinner for 2. Price: $300 per session (Per Day). Purchase 5 sessions and get the 6th free. Group Rates Available Upon Request.

Lighter/Easier Trail Rides: We'll have our guides show you all the cool places Southern Utah provides. Everything from Petroglyphs, ancient ruins, early settlements, hidden waterfalls, amazing views, day trips to the Grand Canyon, and more. Price: $75 per vehicle, per day and includes 8 hours of trails.

Special Needs and Veterans Access: Will be put on by Hero For A Day, check them out at www.HeroForADay.org 

To ride with us, contact us at info@thetrailhero.com