CargoGlide vs. Bedslide Comparison

These two companies have been at the forefront of the rolling truck tray industry for over 5 years and often times we get asked which is the best option for your vehicle. With that in mind we decided to find out who really was the best out there. We put together a comprehensive report to show everything from pricepoint, strength, durability, customer service, warranty, reviews, and more. To ensure both parties don't have negative photos floating around misrepresenting their product (It's the internet and we all know how easy that can happen) we will not post photos of failure. The comparisons were conducted in the exact same Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

Comparable Features:

1000 lbs Weight Capacity: Carry everything you need

Multiple Locking Positions: Extend tray and lock in multiple positions

Tie Down Cargo: Secure Cargo with Tie Downs

Made in the U.S.A.: Built strong here in the U.S.A.

Distinguishing Features

CG1000XL                                                                                                       BedSlide 1000 Classic

Each Brand showcases their product well and tries to tie in the capabilities of their product by showing the unit at full extension. We found that one pulled out further than the other. CargoGlide promotes 100% extension for their product and comes through with that billing. Meanwhile BedSlide does not actually tell customers what their slide extends to. By our measurement, the BedSlide 1000 Classic extends to 73%. Photos however look like the BedSlide comes out further because of their angle and lens type. Further research shows that BedSlide doesn't actually offer a 100% extension unit which would obviously allow users to access their cargo easier. Needless to say, CargoGlide won the "Extension" category by 27%.


We did weight tests for each brand to see how much they can hold to failure, since both suggest that they have a capacity of 1000 lbs; we started there. However we will go in depth on weight, deflection, materials, and weight of failure for each one. BedSlide's 1000 lbs capacity is aided by their composite decking and aluminum structure, so as we started at 1000 lbs, we found that the "1000 Classic" held up to the challenge although we heard some popping and some plastic was breaking. The BedSlide product can hold 1000 lbs evenly distributed throughout the bed. With CargoGlide's steel structure and marine grade plywood deck, it too stood up to the challenge of 1000 lbs with no indication of strain. In deflection measurement terms is where the two starts to differentiate. BedSlide's product deflected a total of 4-9/16", CargoGlide's stout product deflected 1-3/4", well under half as much. Complete failure is our goal here though: "BedSlide 1000 Classic" had complete failure (Broken Rail, deck, and some plastic) at 1075 lbs. Failure didn't come easy for the "CargoGlide CG1000XL" as it managed to hold a whopping 1950 lbs (Broken bearing, bent frame rail). CargoGlide wins the "Strength" category by 875 lbs.


Since we just broke these two products, our next goal was to call in for warranty. BedSlide's composite deck and aluminum rails failed to the point that is was completely inoperable, but we also overloaded the "1000 Classic" by 75 lbs. CargoGlide's CG1000XL lasted until 1950 lbs, 950 lbs over the weight capacity. Upon calling each of the warranty centers, we received notice that we did not qualify for either company's warranty. As much as we figured this a head of time, we thought maybe we could get away with more than we should. In simple terms though, BedSlide offers a warranty that people will most likely use often due to cheaper parts and lighter weight materials, lifetime warranty. CargoGlide's warranty is Limited Lifetime on Steel Frames, 3 years on Bearings, 1 year on decks. We'll have to work on how often each of these products have warranty needs over the lifetime use. In the "Warranty" category we feel that it is too close to call, as nice as a lifetime warranty is, if you constantly have issues or break stuff, what is the purpose? We will say that both BedSlide and CargoGlide had great people working in Warranty though.

This seems to be one of those "Get What You Pay For" scenarios, you can buy what seems more like a consumer/lifestyle product for a cheaper price, or you can buy a commercial/industrial product at an affordable price. Each companies outlook seems to be in line with their marketing and sales as well. BedSlide has a cheaper product masked by fancy pictures, and pretty words like "Composite" but for the working class and journeymen, price and pretty doesn't mean as much as strength and durability. So based on what you get for the price (Value), we feel that CargoGlide is a better purchase.

If you are taking your golf clubs to the resort, maybe the BedSlide is good for you. However, if you plan to put this product to work, then the working man should have a CargoGlide. With the testing that we conducted, as well as the structural integrity of the CargoGlide, we feel it is the BEST option when it comes to Rolling Truck Trays for regular guys or commercial use. CargoGlide is the safest option boasting 100% extension with far exceeding the weight capacity. If you are looking for outfitting your entire fleet of vehicles, CargoGlide is the best and safest slide on the market.