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We listened to fellow off-road company’s request from our inaugural event. The vendor show has been shrunk to one 8 hour show on Saturday, October 8th. This gives companies the ability to form relationships on the trail through our activation plan for 5 days of awesome wheeling and parties.

The Trail Hero event is unique in many aspects; however, our Vendor Show tends to set us apart from other events in the Nation. Our Vendor Show is driven by the companies. We have a stellar charity raffle where we force our participants to give you their raffle tickets to win your product. The better the product, the better your chances of getting more traffic. Further, we let you pull the ticket and talk about your product in the process. This allows the company to convey the proper message to our loyal and dedicated crowd. BTW, we bring you up on stage and you get a chance to address the entire crowd!

The Vendor show will feature industry players and displays as well as local business faire. Restrooms and food will be available on site. Saturday Night's Vendor Show will be teamed up with our Closing Ceremonies where there will be live music, food, kids activities, Charitable Raffles to be collected by Hero For A Day, as well as awards and a rough cut film from the days of the event that will be available for purchase afterwards. This will bring closure to what is being recognized as one of the premiere events in the United States. Vehicles will be on display with drivers hanging out face to face with trail riders.

Vendor Show hours are Saturday from 2pm to 8pm. Vendors will be able to set up starting Monday, October 3rd at 9am. Every day of the event, Tuesdayday-Friday, Vendors can set up and vend out of their booth but the dedicated Vendor Show is Saturday. 

Details Below

Our Vendor Show has evolved quite a bit every year and this year is no different. When you buy a Vendor Spot, you are essentially paying for 1 Vehicle Pass, Your spot in Vendor Row (Which also doubles as a Camp spot if you need it), and the Vendor Show which is Saturday October 8th from 2pm-8pm. You can Vend from your spot all week if you wish, however most companies will go trail riding and leave a board at their booth with the hours that they will be back each day. Generally those hours are from about 2pm-8pm as well. In 2022 we will have a concert every night, so having people in booths may be of benefit to your company. Additionally we will be providing power to booths at an extra cost.
Our Vendor Show sees lots of good conversations and traffic, this is because people buy Raffle tickets for our raffle that our vendors join in on. Each trail rider takes their tickets from booth to booth, and talks with each company. If they like the company, raffle product that the company is offering, etc, then they will give YOU the ticket. This helps you get real conversations about your products to actual interested parties. At 7PM of the vendor show, each company will come on stage and talk about their product to our crowd, then pull a ticket from your bucket. People must be present to win. The companies that do the best will sell products and offer a reimbursement up to a certain percentage for their raffle item. 
Speaking of buckets, the company with the coolest Ticket Bucket gets a free Vendor Booth the following year and some companies go all out. The Top Ticket Buckets get hand picked by Glen Plake.
Vendors can come in as early as Monday Morning October 3rd at 9am. There will be a Trail Hero tent outside of the park with staff ready to get you a pass to enter the park. You can immediately position inside your vendor spot if you wish at that time. Your Vendor Pass gets you in and out of the park for free all week. As a vendor, you can pick and choose any trail to ride at any time and do not have to pre register for any trails. Monday evening, October 3rd is the Kick Off Party from 5pm-9pm at Sand Hollow Resort where you will find the Vendor/Sponsor Line and get the rest of your passes, sign waivers, and get a list of trails with departure times and locations. This list of trails is given to you so that you can decide which trails work best for you and your brands target audience. You can take SXS on jeep type trails but we don't suggest taking a Jeep on the SXS trails due to the speed at which the group drives the trails.

This is a great opportunity to reach a new market to a great community that embraces the Off-Road Lifestyle. Contact Rich at 530-409-4548 for any questions or issues.

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