Trail Gear Rock Crawl Presented by SuperCrawl

Event Entries

This is an extreme rock crawling event, to compete during the Rock Crawling Event on Thursday evening, October 3rd at 2PM. The entry fee is $300 and all proceeds will go directly towards the 100% Purse Payback. Payout will go as follows: 

50% for First Place
30% for Second Place
20% for Third Place

The event will consist of 4 10 minute courses and an 10 minute Shootout course that will pit only the Top 4 against each other. 20 entries total allowed. Teams will adhear to SuperCrawl Sanctioning Rules and regulations regarding vehicle safety and event SOP and rules. Schedule of events goes as follows:

11:30 Tech (Registration MUST be completed prior to September 1st) Located On Site at Sand Hollow State Park in the Vendor Row at the Trail Gear Vendor Booth.
1:00 Driver's Meeting at Event Stage
1:30 Vehicle Staging (All teams must be staged and ready)
1:45 Team Introductions
2:00 National Anthem with the start of the event promtly after
9:30 Competition Ends
10:00 Front incoming gate shuts down. Out going gate stays open throughout night.

Entry is First Come First Serve with a limit of 20 vehicles, No Refunds allowed. We are offering two other classes, Trail Buggy and Rear Steer Trail Buggy. If you want one of those classes, select the class in the drop down menu above.