Lasernut Rock Race

Event Entries

This is registration for the 2019 Trail Hero Lasernut Rock Race. There is a limited 20 positions available for this race. If you are interested in racing with us please contact Rich Klein at 530-409-4548 BEFORE registering. 

This event takes place Wednesday, October 2nd at 2pm.

The Lasernut Rock Race course for the Trail Hero Event will consist of 2 flights of ten vehicles racing on a 2 mile track. This in no way is short course racing, but rather a Rock Race in natural terrain on a 2 mile track. From each flight, we will take the top 4 drivers and place them in the main. We will take the remaining 12 drivers and run an LCQ which will place the top 4 drivers into the Main. Each Prelim Race will be set at 8 Laps with a random draw for starting positions in the first two heats. The LCQ Start positions will be based on positions placed in the Prelims and will be a total of 8 laps, and the Main will be the same with the 4 LCQ Drivers starting in the rear and running 10 laps.

We are looking at a $300 entry fee with 100% purse Payback. With a Limit of 20 Drivers, that will equate to a $6,000 purse to be split up between the top 3 positions. 1st will take $3,000, 2nd $2,000 and 3rd $1,000.

Itinerary is:
11:00 Tech (Registration MUST be completed prior to September 1st) Located On Site at Sand Hollow State Park in the Vendor Row.
11:00 Closed course opens for PreRunning (Must be Teched First)
1:00 Driver's Meeting at Event Stage
1:30 Vehicle Staging (All teams must be staged and ready)
1:45 Team Introductions
2:00 National Anthem with the start of the event promtly after

We also offer SXS racing and it will be on the same course under the same format with the same fees. Please Call Rich Klein for more info. 

YouTube video: