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Fury Rode

Fury Rode got its name from the hit event that Trail Hero is hosting in December of 2017. This trail is the course that will be the race track for Fury Rode when race day comes. This unique event will allow for just about any 4wd vehicle to test out their mettle to see what they are capable in a team event. The trail has een completed easily by a Toyota 4Runer with a small lift (2.5") and 34" tires. No lockers necessary.  We strongly suggest a minimum of a Stock Jeep JK, TJ, CJ, YJ, or vehicles with a small lift and minimum of 33" Tires.


The trail tours both the west and east rims of Sand Hollow and is roughly 45 miles long. With looking down to Warner Valley, the Arizona Strip, or over towards Zion National Park, there is a view for everyone. 


Sand and loose gravel road with several eroded ledgy or rocky areas. 

Trail Details

Fury Rode first takes you to the backside of the dunes stright up the main sand drag. Airing down will be beneficial for this trail. Once atop the Sand Mountain, riders will venture over to the furthest Northwest portion of the park while testing their rigs out at the first obstacle called Goon Corner (A small off camber drop). From there riders will drive down a steep sand hill and up a hard dirt steep hill called the Sandmerian Gap. Then we'll take you through Warner Wash which is a fun switchback dry sand wash to the end of Warner Valley. Riders will then work their way back to West Rim on the access road and then over to Competition Hill where participants will eat Lunch and then drive down the steep sandy hill to the bottom. Afterwards, drivers will make their way through the easiest parts of East Rim and back to the bottom of Sand Mountain. This trail takes roughly 4-6 hours depending on the speed in which people are comfortable driving. 

Fury Rode

Staging for this trail is located at The Beach of Sand Hollow

Staging time: 9:30 am, Departure: 10am Show early for a 9:30AM group picture!