Füry Rode Rally Sept. 30th

Event Entries

Ready for an Adventure? Füry Rode is proud to announce that we will be offering a rally at Sand Hollow on September 30th. Comprised of two 45 mile laps, this will be a great event for first time racers in all types of vehicles. We have 8 classes: Stock (up to 33" tires), Modified (up to 35"), Full Body (up to 37" tires), Buggy (Up to 37"), Legends (full body, 40" tires), Pro Buggy (unlimited tire size), Stock UTV (Completely stock), and Super UTV (Any suspension/motor mods). Vehicles must be 4wd, have a winch, and essential safety items. It is a STRONG suggestion to have a co-pilot or crew chief.

The Rally is consisted of 6 stages within the 45 mile trail. After the first lap is when each stage comes into play, and stages are set up specifically with the class in mind at each checkpoint. Stages consist of a Rock Crawl course, a Rock Race Course, a Winch Challenge, a Trust Drive (Blindfolded Driver), an RC Car race, and a Shooting stage. Overall time from each stage/checkpoint determines the winner.