Trail Hero has traditionally been a trail ride event for the off-road industry, specializing in creating motorized access for people with special needs and Veterans. To broaden the audience that receives our message, we have added a concert series to the Trail Hero event October 4-8, 2022. During the Trail Hero Music Fest, you will experience acts that fall in line with our patriotic, off-roading culture. You may hear several genres of music, but all have the same goal in mind. In 2022, you will experience an entirely new phase the the Trail Hero experiment and we are excited for you to see what we have in store. With the help from our sponsors, Paid Participants of the trail rides will be able to experience the concerts free of charge. Tickets will be available to the general public as well, with prices listed below for each day or a week long pass for all 5 days of the Music Fest. 

As we build this portion of the event, we will add information, ticket prices, and more below.


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